Bucket List: USPTO

I get a lot of ideas. Some of them are even good ideas.  And some of those are even good enough to turn into a product. Consequently, I’ve spent a little bit of mental energy over the years learning about how you’d go about filing for a patent.
So while this trip to the USPTO wasn’t about one of my ideas, it was still a dream come true for me to be involved in a patent filing. The buildings and grounds for the USPTO in Washington, D.C. are very new and, to be honest, gorgeous. They’re fully worthy of the world’s greatest technological power. And my experiences with the USPTO staff were also surprisingly great. They were courteous, helpful, and answered questions freely. It was a really good experience overall, except for the fact that you pretty much need a lawyer to navigate the labyrinthine process of filing for a patent.
Once you experience something that was scary and find out that it’s nothing to be scared about, ideas of doing that thing again don’t seem scary at all. So that leaves me hopeful that I might be able to come back to the USPTO someday for a filing (or three) of my own.

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