Back to School

Sanity has returned to Casa De Kline now that all the kids are headed back into the classroom. Of course, they ain’t too excited about it. But it gives me and Rachel time to be productive around the house and an opportunity for moments of quiet.

It was a rather emotional morning in some ways, since it was Ava’s first day of kindergarten. I wasn’t sure who would break down first, mom or daughter. In the end, they both hung in there pretty well.

The older girls seemed to be in good spirits, both excited to see how the new school year was going to start and unhappy to give up the free time and leisure days of summer. Hey, that’s life girls!

Anna was her amiable ol’ self. And although it’s not possible to rush the girl, she got out the door in good time.

Katie especially was not happy to be going back. She complained loudly that it wasn’t going to be any fun. Look how excited she was. LOL!

Savannah and Kaylee had to deal with all new schools and none of their old friends to see. But they’d gotten to know quite a few kids from our church and so, when they finally got into their classes, saw that they were completely at a loss for the kids they were with.

At the end of the day, the kids made it home safe and sound. Ava had been really worried about how to ride the bus home. But Katie and Anna reassured her that they’d be there to help her home along with her two big sisters.

It all seemed to go just fine, as it should.

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