Anna Lynn Turns 7

Kelly worked hard to put on a good time for Anna Lynn. We had a really nice time at a place in Hermitage called The Jumpy Place. Everything in there was padded and inflated.

Emily the Barbarian lost a round of king of the mountain to Baily.

Dylan was a great big brother and playmate to the little kids. He mostly chased them around acting like a zombie or a monster. They loved it!

The cake and ice cream was a lot of fun. There were lots of little goodies waiting in the seats for the kids when they came in for cake after play. Naturally, most of them gobbled up the candy and got stomach aches. They were so cute!

Anna Lynn has some very generous friends and family! The gifts were overflowing, but I think she enjoyed havin’ everybody lovin’ on her.

Happy 7th Birthday, my little lovely! Many returns of the day!



  1. emmy-tay-fwine says

    you spelled Bailey wrong!! Criminal!

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