A week in CA

Once again, I was called back to HQ for a big series of meetings for our Q1 yearly kickoff. In previous years, I’d been very active in actually compiling the content of several of the meetings in the SQL Server business unit for Quest, and also for assisting in deciding on key strategy for the SQL Server business unit overall in conjunction with other top decision-makers of the company. (At that time, my title was senior product architect and, later, director of technology for the SQL Server business unit.)

But since I ceded that component of my job so that I could focus more on family time and simplified responsibilities, I was able to attend lots of meetings and, in more than one instance, let my mind wander. I have to tell you that it was wonderful not being under the pressure to be at top performance every moment of the day. My main job responsibilities now are in support of sales and product evangelism. (Mama always wanted an evangelist in the family!) In fact, when things got a little slow, I was able to turn out a nice doodle or three. Here’s one in progress…

Our meetings were held on the beautiful grounds of the Walt Disney resort in Anaheim (pictured above from my balcony window). But Disneyland isn’t always the happiest place on earth when you’re without the ones you love.

In some of very large kickoff meetings, with all 800 sales people, we got to enjoy the musical talent (or lack thereof) of William Hung. She bangs! And may heaven help us all…

I also got to drive a Chevy HHR for the first time. It was a pretty good ride. I like it’s looks less than the retro Chrystler PT Cruiser, but it’s interior was a notch better. I wouldn’t buy one myself but found it to be a very nice vehicle and actually liked it better than the econo-sedans (like the Ford Taurus or Chevy Classic/Impala/Malibu) that are so ubiquitous.
I was also thrilled to be able to see not only my mom and step-dad, but I also got to see my Uncle Ed. I can’t think of a group of people from that generation that looks better, has more fun, and enjoys better health than these folks.
I’ll be heading back out to Orange County, CA in just a few short weeks in mid-April. I’m looking forward to seeing my mom, step-dad and extended family again.

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