A Trip to Tampa

Emily and I had the chance to visit Tampa. We were able to visit my dad and step-mom. Plus, we got to do some fun stuff together. Busch Gardens was especially fun.

One of the traditions that we always enjoy is her yearly pampering. So this year, Emily decided she wanted a cut-n-color. I love her new color!

She also went with a very pretty nail treatment including a pattern along with the French manicure. Though we were having a mini-celebration of her 13th birthday, I ended up walking away thinking that she looked 5 years older (except for the braces).

My dad and step-mom are doing quite well living in Tampa. However, the weather issues from hurricane season and the fact that they’re so far from family has caused them to look into moving back to my old hometown of Huntsville, AL. Betty Jo (my step-mom) has family in Huntsville, so they’ll have lots of support. Plus, I’m glad to say that they’ll be close enough for us to visit more frequently and for them to have a relationship with their grandkids.

I’m also very happy to say that Betty Jo is feeling better than she has for years, which is a huge improvement.

Busch Gardens was a blast! The weather was perfect and, I guess because school was in session, the lines were all very short. The rides were awesome. But the best ride of all, and perhaps the best rollercoaster I’ve ever ridden, was the Shei Kra. This rollercoaster includes the world’s only straight drop. So imagine a rollercoaster that includes something like Terror Tower over in Six Flags. It rocked!




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