A Quick Trip to Philly

The last time I went to Philadelphia was probably around 1973. I was in first or second grade and my parents decided to take my brother and I up to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and whatnot. It wasn’t that tough of a trip since we lived in south Jersey on the shore in a little town called Barnaget Bay.

Fast-forward twenty-three years. I flew in to Philly for meetings with one of Quest’s potential clients just over the state line in New Jersey. I rented a car and hopped onto the interstate and made it out to the customer site with plenty of time to spare.

After spending the afternoon with the customer and other salespeople from Quest, I headed back into Philly. I’d asked our travel department to put me up at a hotel near the airport. But for some reason, they put me up in downtown Philly. I spent quite a while trying to find my hotel, but the coolest thing about driving in the area was that I suddenly realized that I’d been here before!

Yes – I was driving along side Independence Hall, something I hadn’t seen in 23 years!

It was really neat. The area had grown up quite a lot and there were some sparkling new modern museums right in the vicinity. But the feeling of deja vu was overpowering.

Do you ever get that feeling?

I used to get deja vu ever time I would try to find my car in the parking lot at the Nashville airport. Oddly, I couldn’t find my car. I just felt like I’d been there before. After about the third time I lost my car, I just gave up on parking it myself and now use curbside drop off from one of the local parking lots that has a shuttle service. That way, they handle parking my car and retrieving it. All I have to do is call them to come and get me when I get off the plane.

The other thing that helps a lot with finding my car at the airport is to take fewer trips. I’ve cut WAY back on my travel. Not only do I get to spend more time with the kids, I also spend less time in the parking lot wondering where the heck my car is!

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