A Painful Month Without My Blog

Bloggers beware!
Just in case you didn’t know it, Goggle/Blogger.com has a policy against spam blogs. Spam blogs, as you might guess, are designed to direct its readers to some kind of commercial and/or scam site.
I got snagged by this for the last month because Blogger has an automated method of detecting spam blogs. That is, they look for any blog post with lots and lots of web links. Two posts ago, I put a post with a lot of web links to cool websites. Unfortunately, the automated spam blog blocker isn’t too smart and it marked me as spam simply due to the large number of web links in the post. I’m not knocking their policy of automatically catching and blocking spam blogs. After all, nobody wants to get hoodwinked into falling for spam.
However, I do want to warn you that you should keep an eye on the number of web links in one of your posts or else you might be spending the next month trying to convince Blogger that your personal blog is the real deal.
Hope this helps,

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