A Late Birthday Party

Katie Jo has a mid-summer birthday, July 26th. We had a little party for her at the time, but we asked if she’d like to have just a few friends during the summer or a bigger party later in the fall. She chose the fall so that she could enjoy lotsa friends.

So Kelly planned a lil shindig for her at the picturesque Cedar Creek Rec Center right on Old Hickory Lake. The weather was perfect for early October – sunny, warm, and very little wind. The water was way too cold for my taste, but it didn’t slow down the kids at all.

The Rec Center also has a really nice playgrounds and some really nice pavilions with barbeques, park benches, picnic tables, etc. I have to tell ya – these itty bitty girls can run your tail off. They were bouncing between the beach, the playground, the pavilions, and everywhere in between. I tried to both keep up and to chaperone, but I was so tired by the time the cake and hamburgers were ready that I could’ve just dropped right there. The good news about the days when the girls go crazy all day long and play their hearts out is that the nights are oh-so-restful!

At long last, the birthday girl konks out! ======>

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