A Great Gulf Vacation! Part 1

We took a full week, from Saturday May 27th all the way to the next Saturday June 3rd, to enjoy some fun in the sun down in Orange Beach, Alabama. Even though I brought my laptop down to the condo, I hardly ever cracked it open. In fact, I think the kids used it more to check their accounts than I did. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING!

The condo company, Brett-Robinson, put us up in a fantastic condo up on the twelveth floor. And I knew that the condo was perfect for us when I saw the safari decorating theme and all of the ZEBRAS!

The kids were into the pool almost immediately and soon we were down at the beach. We proceeded to spend the next several days at 1) the indoor pool (especially after the sunburns set in!), 2) the outdoor pools, and 3) the beach. Each evening, we tried to do something fun. And since we went with about a dozen other familys from church, the kids and I had lots of friends to hang out with.

We did tons of other fun things over the course of the week. I’m going to post pictures for all of other activities in separate postings because Blogspot is acting kind’a weird.

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