A Few Days in Frisco

There’s no doubt that San Francisco is one of the USA’s most beautiful cities. It’s also a pretty weird place because the average temperature in the summer time is LOWER than the average wintertime termperature.

I recently took a long weekend there to enjoy the city to its fullest. I went with my friend, Jenny Grant. We flew first class and stayed in one of the city’s oldest and finest hotels, right in the heart of the action, the Sir Francis Drake, as the place to start the adventure.

I also tried to pack in as many other fun experiences as possible – Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Redwood Forest (right), shopping in Sausalito, shopping in Union Square, Ghiradelli Square, Haight-Ashbury, the “Painted Ladies” Victorian Houses, and lots of cable car rides. It was a blast. Tiring, but a blast.

My favorite part was definitely the Redwood Forest. The redwoods were so huge and majestic. And some of the remote groves we witnessed were very nearly spiritual in their sublime beauty. We also saw some of the cutest little critters and birds that you can imagine. And no, the 18 inch banana slugs were not one of the cute critters.

The restaurants and bistros were just fantastic. I could happily stay in Frisco for a month without eating at the same place twice. And that’s just in the neighborhood of the hotel. We really didn’t have time to explore the other great neighborhoods of the city.

The one place that we didn’t get to go to that we really wanted to see was the Castro neighborhood – the gay district. But this being San Francisco, we happened to luck into a bit of the Castro district coming to our hotel. As it turned out, there was a big party put on by the Straight-Gay alliance (SGA) of San Francisco right in the hotel on our very last night in town. Jenny, me, and an extended (and rather clueless) family to our right were the only people in the hotel who weren’t cross-dressing. It was a hoot! LOL!

Unfortunately, the server seems overloaded at the moment and isn’t taking the picture. But suffice it to say that we were impressed and entertained by the almost pageant-level of extravagance in the way some of the SGA dressed.



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