A Day at the Shooting Club

We wanted to do more things that were quintessentially Alaskan. We didn’t have tons of time, since I have to work, but we wanted to spend at least a couple hours per day doing something fun and something we’d likely only do while here.

Dylan (middle), Jake (left), and Sam (right) were having a good time hanging out and playing Xbox and PS2 all the time. But the weather has been absolutely fantastic. You just can’t stay indoors when it’s brilliantly sunny and about 76 degrees every day.

So as we were driving down the road the previous day, I noticed two or three shooting ranges and/or gun clubs. Shooting guns! That sounds pretty frontier/Alaskan. But I’m not about to go out and shoot cute furry little animals or face down some less-than-cute, huge, fanged and clawed, furry animals.

So shooting skeet and trap was the order of the day and DANG if it wasn’t incredibly fun. Here’s a picture of Sam about to blast the snot out of some clay pigeons. It was so fun!

Dylan and I quickly got the hang of it. Sam, Jake, and Wendy also did really well and seemed to really enjoy it. Dylan and Jake got some pretty good bruises from the powerful kick of the 12 gauge. But we all enjoyed it enough to go for a second round, though Jake did opt out after a couple shots in round 2 ‘cuz his shoulder was really smarting.

BTW, Dylan got an 11 and I got a 9 on our first round. Then we tied at 10 each on the next round. (The score is out of 25.) That’s not too bad for two guys doing it for the first time!

Well, gotta run.



  1. Actually I got 12 the first round… and the only time that I got a bruise was when the gun went off while I wasn’t holding it right…


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