A Day at Ground Zero

It’d been probably 10 years since I was last in NYC. The last time I came to NYC was to visit the Deloitte offices located, then, in the World Finance Center immediately adjacent to the World Trade Center. (The World Finance Center Deloitte was in then was the background building to the left with the round top. Deloitte has since moved to other digs around the city.) I had the pleasure of visiting the WTC, seeing the observation deck, and seeing the marvelous sights of downtown Manhattan.

This trip brought me to Manhattan to speak at the local SQL Server user group and visit some friends and colleagues. I enjoyed trekking around the down- and midtown and seeing lots of sights. The first thing I went to see was Ground Zero and, right across the street, St. Paul’s church where the rescue teams worked around the clock after the Twin Towers came down. Although it was rather emotional to see the site, it was also healing to see new construction happening there.
The weather was supposed to be bad. But I was lucky that the clouds went away and sunny skies stayed out almost the entire trip. Later that night, the presentation went extremely well, with a packed house. Afterwards, I and a couple colleagues from Quest (Hey to Danielle Mann!) enjoyed a meal at an Italian restaurant. I even visit Times Square for the first time ever.
At the end of the day, it was a business trip. I was tired, exhausted, lonely and in pain because somehow during all of my walking that day, I managed to turn my ankle. But compared to visits to some other US cities, especially in the rustbelt, NYC is a jewel.
Later gater,

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