A Couple Movie Reviews

I took Dylan & Emily to see “Jackass 2” last week. We arrived at the theaters on a Monday evening while it was still light out. But as we walked in, I noticed a dark and furry blotch on the wall. It was a bat. Even though it was about 8′ off the ground, we all took turns looking at it up close because we were able to climb the wall. It was such a cute little thing! Here’s a pic of the cute little critter.

Ok, now for the movie. Like most of the Jackass skits from MTV and the first Jackass movie, this movie is totally juvenile. It also had a few scenes that caused me to laugh so hard that I cried. On the other hand, it had twice as many scenes that nearly made me toss my cookies. The nausea-provoking scenes were so gross that they still haunt me a week later. I wish I could get those freakin’ images out of my mind! Ugh! My advice – don’t see it unless you love a complete and total barf-o-rama.

Just a couple days ago, on Monday, I took Anna & Katie to see “Open Season”. This movie is the new Sony Entertainment animated movie featuring the voice talents of Ashton Kutcher as Elliot the deer and Martin Lawrence as Boog the bear.

I took the girls to Shoe Carnival before hand in search of some new Mary Janes. We found some great ones as well as a couple pair of flipflops on clearance. Notice our extremely helpful sales associate in the background?

While I didn’t leave the theater wanting to rush to a toilet or trash can to wretch, I wasn’t exactly thrilled either. A good animated film leaves the kids satisfied, but gives the adults a lot to grin about with double-entendre and jokes that go right over the heads of the little ones. The best recent example of this sort of film is ‘Shrek’. My rating for this film is 2.5 out of 5. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t much fun for me. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend renting this film unless the kids (and not you) were the only ones going to watch the film.




  1. That bat was sooooo cute! I got to touch it.

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