5 Surprising Lessons Every SQL Server Generalist Has to Learn

Webinar Recap

Maybe you are an accidental DBA who has recently been assigned responsibility for the SQL Server, on-premises or in the cloud. Maybe you are a generalist who can keep the SQL Server up and running, but don’t know much about how it works. Or maybe you are just starting in your career and want to learn more. Whatever situation applies to you, there are a handful of very important lessons you will have to learn if you administrate a SQL Server.

I recently teamed up with Denny Cherry (@mrdenny), of Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC, @dcacco), for a webinar on the 5 Surprising Lessons Every SQL Server Generalist Has to Learn. We shared five surprising situations where what you don’t know will hurt you. We covered:

  • How the default settings in Microsoft SQL Server can hurt you
  • Why security is so frequently overlooked but is more important than ever
  • Quick checks that can tell you if your indexes are working properly
  • How not planning for availability and recovery can hurt the organization
  • Why preventative maintenance requires extra attention from you

During the webinar, we discussed the native features within SQL Server that explain these concepts, as well as free community tools from SentryOne and other providers that can make your job easier.

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