30 Bloggers to Watch?

I found this blog post by Jade Craven to be interesting and insightful.  I also thought a few of her choices were a bit surprising, but still valuable.  Who’d have thought that Dave Navarro would be a good blogger to follow?

Also, you can now follow all these guys from the one twitter list! Check out Blogger To Watch to easily follow all the people in this post.

I’m curious what you think?



  1. Hiya!

    I wrote that post. I'm open to a lot of inside information and the inclusions were based on that.

    Navarro – who I now work for – was included because I knew he was up to some epic stuff during 2010. He has been able to grow his readership and attract the attention of some pretty big names. Now that I work for him I can honestly say he is up to even more epic stuff next year.

    There are some choices that I wish I didn't include. With these, they still got up to a lot during 2010 but their blogs had awful content. Still, I stand by those decisions.

    I am now writing my list for 2011. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I'd love to hear them, 🙂

    – Jade

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