Pulling real-time data from Twitter using StreamInsi​ght and Other Scandinavian Treasures

On my recent trip to SQLBits with subsequent visits to Dublin, Cologne, and Malmo (southern Sweden), I enjoyed a chance to meet several SQL Server MVPs, including Peter Larsson and Thomas Ivarsson.

Among them, I enjoyed Johan Ahlen’s article on Pulling real-time data from Twitter using StreamInsi​ght.  You can Find Johan’s blog here.  I also enjoyed several other conversations, such as the one I had with Feodor Georgiev (blog).  I particularly enjoyed Feodor’s guest post on SQLAuthority.com about waits in the round-trip loop from client to server back to client available HERE.

There’s a rumor going around (wink, wink – nudge, nudge) that the Scandinavians will be holding a SQLRally in the fall.  I look forward to get back soon, but I’m hoping against hope that it’s still warm in November.




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