Political Calculus – PASS Governance

Discussions Around PASS Governance

There are a lot of great things going on with the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS).  The conference is awesome.  The community of members, speakers, and volunteers simply can’t be beat.  The chapters are growing in size and becoming more tightly coupled with the international infrastructure on a daily basis.  The SQL Saturday movement is providing more grassroots growth and outreach than every imagined.

But there are lots of PASS topics that will benefit from a public and independent forum.  This forum is intended to drive consensus towards improvements in governance, not to demonize individuals or for individuals to vent their spleen.

For now, I’ve posted one discussion thread.  Very likely, we’ll be adding more in the future.

Join in the discussions below:

Kevin Kline: PASS Nomination Discussion Kick-off

Kevin Kline kicks off his meme on the latest in the PASS 2010 Nomination cycle.

Joe Webb: A PASSionate Community

Joe Webb gives his introductory thoughts on the PASS 2010 Nomination cycle.

Joe Webb: A Community Divided

Joe Webb gives an excellent summary of the issues and positions in the PASS 2010 Nomination cycle.  The comments section gets straight to many of the questions that will be discussed in this meme.

Stuart Ainsworth: Tweaks and Data Geeks: PASS Election 2011

Stu Ainsworth was a member of the Nominations Committee for the PASS Election 2010; he gives some specific suggestions to modify the current nomination process for future elections.

Jorge Segarra: Pirates of PASS: Curse of the Election Process

The prolific and talented Jorge Segarra (a.k.a. SQLChicken on Twitter) adds his thoughts to the discussion.

Tim Mitchell: Broken or Just Bent? #passvote

Tim Mitchell is a recent SQL Server MVP and frequent volunteer for PASS at a local level.  His posts are insightful and well-considered.

Carol McGury: Nomination Committee Best Practices

With over 20 years of experience, Carol McGury provides independent insight into best practices for the nomination process of not-for-profit board officer positions.