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Give A Round of Applause for Microsoft System Center!

I hope you've taken a few minutes to peek in on the nice refresh that's happened on a bunch of the System Center engineering blogs.  Good things are afoot there.  And if you haven't checked in, avail yourself of these great resources: System Center: Service Manager System Center: Operations Manager System Center: Virtual Machine Manager System Center: Orchestrator System Center: Data Protection Manager And, as always, I'm interested in your feedback. Tell me what you think! Enjoy, -Kevin Follow me on Twitter! … [Read more...]

John Oliver Live

Rachel and I finally had a date night and we used it go see one of our favorite Daily Show reporters, John Oliver, at Zanies - our local comedy club:Fantastic show!  So funny and such a different perspective too. … [Read more...]

SQLMag = SQL Server Pro. Goes all-digital!

I was recently chatting with Megan Keller, my long-time editor for the Tool Time column and Executive Editor at SQL Server Pro, DevProConnections, and SharePoint Pro. I've subscribed to SQLMag ever since it was first put to print back in the late 1990's.  (That's a pic of me, on the right, in the shirt given my by SQLMag's first publisher way back in the day).  I have many bookshelves in my office, but SQLMag consumes more than half of the shelf closest to my desk.  It's that good.  Some of my personal favorites and perpetual must-read content are the columns SQL Server Questions Answered … [Read more...]

The Usual Suspects

Saw this in a pet shop with my buddy Brent Ozar.  It made me laugh, so I thought I'd share it.  ^_^ … [Read more...]

New White Paper: SQL Server Extended Events and Notifications

Download the new white paper: How to Use SQL Server’s Extended Events and Notifications to Proactively Resolve Performance Issues SQL Server comes with a wide array of tools for monitoring your environment. There are logs and traces that provide information when errors occur, but these are often used passively to react to events that have already occurred.  There's PerfMon, and Profiler, and loads of Dynamic Management Views to check.  But where to look? As database administrators (DBA), we need to monitor our environments proactively and create solutions as issues arise. In this white … [Read more...]

My daughters are crazed!

Completely normal, I assure you.This is also completely normal. If by "normal", you mean totally out of control.And here too, we're being totally normal. … [Read more...]

SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization in Jacksonville, FL on April 27th

One last reminder -  If you're interested in learning more about troubleshooting and optimizing SQL Server performance, please consider coming to the full-day seminar I'll be giving this Friday.  Full details are here:  We'll be working some exercises, so bring your laptop with an instance of SQL Server 2008 (or later) running on it.  It'll be fun! I also encourage you to come on down to SQL Saturday 130  the following day - whether there's an official registration for you or not.  (But don't tell 'em I said that).  :^) Come by the booth for a visit. … [Read more...]

Old Albaquerque

On a recent biz trip, I was able to visit oldtown Albaquerque.  Very atmospheric and charming.  Here's a snap of the old mission church. … [Read more...]

Laguna Hills Sunset

I traveled back to the Quest HQ a couple months ago and was able to enjoy a very nice dinner with several of my colleagues.I snapped this photo with my cell phone as we walked from the parking lot to the restaurant.  You can make out Catalina Island on the horizon.  Just beautiful. … [Read more...]

The Italian Always Finds a Way Out

Anna somehow seems more Italian lately.  Maybe it's puberty? … [Read more...]