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Want Another Reason to Hate iTunes?

I'm not one to whine.  Really.  I'm totally not a whiner.  However, I'm going to sound like one with this statement... I fricken HATE iTunes. There, I said it.  I'm already starting to feel better. Playing on Elisebeth Barrett Browning and her fantastic poem, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.", I'm going to count some ways that iTunes is filling me with inhuman, Hulk-like rage: Ridiculously frequent updates. Not the "Update Tuesday" sort of thing we get from Microsoft, but the "I'm going to interrupt you all the time, any time sort of upda..." - hold on, iTunes wants me … [Read more...]

For Devs – Component Code Challenge and INETA Community Champs

Two quick notes from our friends over at INETA: Component Code Challenge Ever had these two distinct thoughts - "I have a good idea for an application, however what can I get for it?" and "I would love to go to a big conference DevConnections or Tech·Ed, but how would I pay for it?".  Haven't we all had thoughts like that at some time or another? Well, you are in luck.  The INETA Component Code Challenge for 2012 will send one lucky winner to their choice of those aforementioned conferences for slinging some serious code. All you need to do is create an application using 2 approved … [Read more...]