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New on SQLMag Tool Time Blog – Update to FineBuild

Recall back in January 2011 that I profiled the cool tool, FineBuild for SQL Server, which helps you configure and quickly deploy installations of SQL Server.  Not only does FineBuild help you install a new SQL Server using the settings and configuration options you desire, it goes a few steps further by ensuring that any additional programs, tools, and utilities are also installed. Ed Vassie, the creator of FineBuild, has revised and improved the tools since I last wrote about it.  Ed has naturally added a number of bug fixes and documentation improvements. Several new features... [READ … [Read more...]

The Year that was – 2011

Looking back on 2011, I'm surprised by two occurances. First, I got a lot of work done, despite myself. My biggest obstacles to high-performance are all self-derived; procrastination, disorganization, and plain ol' laziness.  Second, I'm surprised I survived my personal travails. I've had my fill of frowns this year, from wayward children to caring for sick loved ones to self-inflicted injuries in 2011.  I'm glad to be closing the door on a few of those chapters and look forward to better times in 2012. Here's a run-down on my professional activities over the course of 2011: Articles: … [Read more...]

New in 2012 – IT Horror Stories

I do a lot of public speaking over the course of the year at many different conferences and events.  I always try to carve out time during and after the presentation to take questions from the audience.  While many of these questions are de riguer, I often get questions that can only be described as "How do I handle this ... <insert IT horror story here>?" These stories often turned out to be more interesting than the question or the answer in and of themselves.  For example, it's a common public speaking best practice to repeat a question back to the attendee.  This helps ensure … [Read more...]