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Available Online – SQL Server Training Videos

Interested in my various performance tuning and troubleshooting videos about SQL Server?  These videos feature my good buddies (and uber-SQL Server experts) Brent Ozar (blog | twitter) and Buck Woody (blog | twitter).  View these insight-packed training videos from our SQL Server training events originally presented on March 3 and July 21 of 2010:HERE. You can watch the videos now at the URL above or order a DVD, shipped free of charge in the USA and Canada, HERE. Enjoy! -Kev ~~~ Twitter at kekline More content on my Blog … [Read more...]

From SQLMag Tool Time Column: SSMS Plug-in News

I first wrote about Mladen Prajdic's excellent tool in my Tool Time column at SQL Server Magazine HERE.    The tool is a nice plug-in to SSMS and definitely worth having.  If you’ve never installed it or have only installed an older version, but sure to pick up the newest release.  Here’s Mladen’s press release complete with hyperlink for the tool: SSMS Tools Pack 1.9.4 is out! Now with SQL Server 2011 (Denali) CTP1 support. As Mladen says: ...this release adds support for SQL Server 2011 (Denali) CTP1 and fixes a few bugs. Because of the new SSMS shell in SQL 2011 CTP1 the SSMS Tools … [Read more...]

Polishing some slides before b'fast with @LadyRuna and the SQLRally! … [Read more...]

Katie at Five Months Old

She's slobbery and cute. No, not right now. This video is from January 2002. She also tries to yank out Emily's hair at about 1 minute before the end of the video. LOLs ensue. … [Read more...]

Great article by @moosemarketer @QuestSoftware on Amazon Outage and what it means for enterprises looking at cloud: … [Read more...]

Toad for Sybase Beta and Webcast Now Available

The Toad for Sybase webcast is now available on-demand.  Don't have Toad for Sybase?  Get it HERE while it's a free beta. There are two ways to access the webcast: 1. - requires a username/password and gets tracked 2. ToadWorld - for quick viewing Go with option two if you don't wanna be tracked.  Lot's more Toad for Sybase goodies HERE. Enjoy! -Kev Twitter at kekline More content at … [Read more...]

Pulling real-time data from Twitter using StreamInsi​ght and Other Scandinavian Treasures

On my recent trip to SQLBits with subsequent visits to Dublin, Cologne, and Malmo (southern Sweden), I enjoyed a chance to meet several SQL Server MVPs, including Peter Larsson and Thomas Ivarsson. Among them, I enjoyed Johan Ahlen's article on Pulling real-time data from Twitter using StreamInsi​ght.  You can Find Johan's blog here.  I also enjoyed several other conversations, such as the one I had with Feodor Georgiev (blog).  I particularly enjoyed Feodor's guest post on about waits in the round-trip loop from client to server back to client available HERE. There's a … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Anna – 2002

She's already a beautiful singer at 2.5 years old. She just can't remember the words. LOL … [Read more...]

SQL Server Migration Roll-Up

There are so many great tools out there for data professionals using Microsoft SQL Server.  I really like to see all of these great tools made free to the public.  On the other hand, I'm bummed that the tools are cast about in a very decentralized fashion. If you haven't done migrations before, you might want to start with these good white papers first. Here are a hand full of cool migration tools worth mentioning: Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for MySQL: Migrate from MySQL to SQL Azure or SQL Server with ease.  Plus, here are a few related Knowledge Base (KB) … [Read more...]