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@BrentO, are you trying to butter me up for some cash? Quite possibly the most flattering words ever spoken about me: sql sqlcruise … [Read more...]

Education and Career Resources from Microsoft and the Community

Sometimes I'm timely in getting the news out on useful resources.  And, other times, I'm a bit slower on the draw.  As I told friends back at New Year's Day, "As an official member of the Procrastinators Club, welcome to 2008!"  On the other hand, it's always good to remind folks of great resources that are still available and on the shelf.  Why?  Well, the Internet hits us with such a deluge of constantly new material, that we often forget about the old(ish) stuff that's still really useful. Quest vConference for SQL Server One of the most popular teaching sessions I ever engaged … [Read more...]

Just put out a new blog post on consolidated sources for Microsoft content: … [Read more...]

Azure, a Beautiful Color, and So Much More…

Windows and SQL Azure Resources Cloud computing is more than just the latest buzz word in the IT trade papers.  It is a remarkable paradigm shift with as much potential to "turn over the apple cart" of IT computing as client-server had for the world of mainframe and minicomputers.  If you're not spending time to learn about cloud computing, in general, and SQL Azure, in particular, then you're missing the boat in a big way.  (Ha! Two big metaphors in one afternoon. My high-school English teacher would be proud.) There are mountains, literally MOUNTAINS, of free and high-quality content … [Read more...]

I'm amazed. The "Voice", James Earl Jones, turned 80. He finds my lack of faith disturbing! … [Read more...]

2011-01-26 – End of 2010

I put up a bunch of family photos from the holiday season through the end of 2010. If you haven't seen the kids in a while, check it out. … [Read more...]

Video: Where are good SQL Server resources?

Kevin discusses resources online that he uses and considers to be excellent destinations for SQL Server professionals. Kevin will discuss each site he uses in detail - check it out! Posted August 15, 2008. … [Read more...]


I take the girls out every year for a little father-daughter time. We usually will blow off school, get lunch, and then I take them for a manicure and acrylic nails.This year (2010) we went to the wonderful restaurant, Ms Scarlett's Tea Room. Very foo foo, but hey, I'm secure in my masculinity. And, most importantly, they had a ball. … [Read more...]

Join me & fellow database experts Brent Ozar and Iain Kick for High Performance Backup & Recovery webcast: … [Read more...]

The Beast, um I mean Truck, is Back!

So glad to have my truck back! Like me, it's a 1966 model. It was a cowboy cadillac in its day, with AC, automatic transmission, and all the options. It even had safety belts, which the original owner (I'm the 3rd owner) paid $20 extra for. Rachel has a lot more details on her blog about the ordeal it took to finally get it back. But now that it's home, we'll just pretend that all of those travails never happened. … [Read more...]