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New Webcast – SQL Server Internals & Architecture

Join me tomorrow for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter meeting SQL Server Internals & Architecture. It's the most fun you'll ever have learning about the inner workings of a relational database - I promise! Click here to register. You don't have to register to attend.  But if you register today, you'll be entered into the drawing to win one two copies of my bestselling reference SQL in a Nutshell, covering the ANSI standard plus Oracle 11, SQL Server 2008, MySQL 5.2, and PostgreSQL 8.3. I've put the slide deck up in my Slides area of the website.  However, because it contains a lot of … [Read more...]

Collaboration Nation Call to Action! Calling All SQL Server Bloggers and Twitterers

The Suggestion The Modern Language Association hasn't made up all the new rules yet to govern how one blogger should reverence, er, reference another in their blog posts.  But they should!  Let's get that ball rolling for them. I'm not exactly sure who started this format, but it's my favorite.  When writing a blog post in which you mention another person's blog, let's do it like this: "blogger name (blog_hyperlink | twitter_hyperlink)" So, we might read a blog post by my friend Kimberly Tripp (blog | twitter) that might look something like this: "...the Scottish Terrier was so well … [Read more...]

These Are The Things You DON’T Say to Your Wife

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Good News for Women in Technology – Barbie Has Joined the IT Scene

I'm happy to report that Barbie is now a cognizeti, a digerati, ... yes even an IT Professional! This year's new Barbie is Computer Engineer Barbie. Several months back, I encouraged all my friends and followers on Twitter to vote for the IT job for Barbie in Mattel's recent public job selection for the eponymous doll.  That encouragement was founded in an experience I'd had years earlier - becoming a dad to a very beautiful baby girl.  When I was growing up as a kid, I clearly recall how odd it was for a woman to have a career outside of a handful of "traditional feminine jobs" like … [Read more...]

If I Were King, March 2010 Edition

It wasn't too long ago that I heard about an 80 year old woman who went in to a Florida Department of Motor Vehicles office, renewed her drivers license, and promptly slammed her enormous Cadillac into a large tree at the edge of the parking lot. Inspectors on the scene said that she had to be going at least 50 mph to inflict that much damage to the car and to the tree. I repeat AT LEAST 50 MPH IN A SMALL PARKING LOT!I've often maintained that driving, though ingrained into the American psyche, is a privilege and not a right. Part of that privilege is maintaining your skills and not being a … [Read more...]