Here I am speaking in Dubia. It was a good visit! =^) … [Read more...]

Mt. Juliet Winter Guard – WGI World Championships – Scholastic A Finals …

The girls went to the World Guard International championships and they got into finals!They ranked 19th in the world when it was all said and done. A flawless performance for many months of hard work and constant practice. I'm so proud of them! … [Read more...]

So Many Birthdays and a New Gazebo

March and April are the busiest of seasons for birthdays, here at Kline Manor. Ava has the first birthday of the year on March 4. And the April gets real with three more birthdays. Kaylee's birthday is April 22, Savannah's is April 27, and Anna's is April 30. Whew!Pictures to come.In the meantime, here's a quick picture of a new gazebo I put up on the deck. It's reinforced and bolted to the deck, so I hope it'll stand up well to storms and high winds.We've always enjoyed our deck. But without any shade, the deck had a very limited time period where we could use it enjoyably. In fact, even in … [Read more...]

SUPER SECRETS of the SQL Server Illuminati — REVEALED!

It was a dark and stormy night as the secret conclave assembled upon the wind-blasted prairie lands of anonymous South Dakota. It could have been anywhere in North America, so non-descript and featureless was the place. Lightning flecked the darkened sky as they came, in ones and twos, wearing their long, charcoal colored robes, cowls covering their faces. Each one bearing in their left hand, the hand-calligraphed vellum scroll describing the exact details and protocols of the secret gathering. Reaching the place, they stood, silently and watchfully, all eyes upon the sole figure to wear … [Read more...]

Bucket List: NASCAR Driving

A big "Thank You!!!" goes to my boss, Greg Gonzalez, for choosing to have one of our big corporate events at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the HQ of NASCAR. In addition to that, he paid for us to get a chance to ride in a real NASCAR racer with 687 horsepower.  My driver took us up to nearly 150 MPH. Let me tell you, this speed is INSANE. It was like riding the high-speed launch of a roller coaster for 5 minutes.  And it was AWESOME in the truest sense of the word.  I really was filled with awe. It cost a little more than $100 which, in my mind, was a price well worth … [Read more...]

Four Years, Eleven Months, and So Many Moments

She's got a way about herI don't know what it isBut I know that I can't live without herShe's got a way of pleasin'I don't know what it isBut there doesn't have to be a reason anyway She's got a smile that heals meI don't know why it isBut I have to laugh when she reveals meShe's got a way of talkin'I don't know why it isBut it lifts me up when we are walkin' anywhereShe comes to me when I'm feelin' downInspires me without a sound She touches me and I get turned around She's got a way of showin'How I make her feelAnd I find the strength to keep on goin'She's got a light around … [Read more...]

Reedy Falls in Greenville, SC

The last night of the most memorable and awful vacation in recent memory. The girls were real troopers and definitely made the best of it.We stopped in Greenville, SC on the way home from Charleston and enjoyed the view of these pretty water falls. … [Read more...]

Dublin fun

II always enjoy speaking in Dublin. My goal for next year is to do a multi-city tour.That's me and my good friend, Aaron Bertrand. … [Read more...]

The Charleston Aquarium

The girls begin a new adventure!  Aren't they beautiful! … [Read more...]

Bucket list!

I've always wanted to tour the Biltmore Estate. So beautiful! … [Read more...]