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Free Training in October at the Quest Connect vConference

Quest Connect is back… and bigger than ever!  Quest Connect 2009 will take place October 21 – 22, beginning at 9 a.m. British Summer Time/4 a.m. Eastern/1 a.m. Pacific and will accommodate all time zones. This is a 24-hour virtual event covering topics across Quest Software’s entire business.  The event is free and you won't even need to leave their offices to access educational and product content.  Sign up for it at Visit our booth during Quest Connect and our industry experts, like me and Brent Ozar, will field your toughest questions.  Better … [Read more...]

Health Data Rights

There was a time when health information was merely a collection of facts about you. You visited a doctor on the 17th because of a sore throat.  You had your appendix removed when you were a grade-schooler. Now, in the 21st century, information is increasingly used to drive business value.  In a sense, information is becoming an asset.  And as many of us have seen with the antics on Wall Street, any asset can be abused for personal and possibly unethical gain.  Legislative bodies around the globe have expended a lot of energy on regulating the use and access of health data, such as the … [Read more...]

New Post on my SQLMag Blog – Free DMV Monitoring Tools

I've posted a new entry on my SQL Server Magazine blog about two free DMV monitoring tools available on CodePlex. Read the article here: Take a look at the two tools and let me know which you like better and why.  Inquiring minds want to know! Cheers, -Kev … [Read more...]

New Slide Deck Section Added

I've just added a new section to my website where you can find all of my slide decks,  Where available, I'll also post links to recordings of the sessions and accompanying white papers. I currently have four slide decks up from sessions I presented at various events in August 2009: Disk IO Tuning for Microsoft SQL Server End-to-End Troubleshooting for Microsoft SQL Server Should I Virtualize SQL Server? SQL Server 2008 Worth the Wait I'm in the process right now up uploading a couple more slide decks from the Best Practices Conference 2009 and from the … [Read more...]