Archives for August 2009

The SQLSaturday Advisory Council

It's my pleasure to report that Andy Warren has asked me to participate in the SQL Saturday Advisory Council.  I'm really excited by the fantastic learning opportunities presented by the SQL Saturday system of events that Andy and company have established.  They've taken great pains to set up a system of high-quality events that are free or very low cost to attendees.  In addition, they're leading SQL Saturday altruistically and transparently, as indicated by their blog.  I've spoken at the Atlanta SQL Saturday and hope to speak at more in the future.  In fact, the leadership of my local SQL … [Read more...]

Bitemporal Data

Any IT pro with more than a year or two of experience will have faced the challenges of version control for an application, but what if you have to implement version control for data? The most common way to tackle this problem is implementing something called "bitemporal data". Under this method, each row in a table includes the current valid time and the transaction time. Since two distinct time values are stored, we get the term bitemporal. A great place to start is Adam Machanic's excellent article at … [Read more...]

24 Hours of PASS

Join me and many other great SQL Server gurus on September 1st for a 24-hour virtual event, 24 Hours of PASS.  I'll be there along with many of the great SQL community speakers (and personal friends) such as Louis Davidson, Kalen Delaney, Steve Jones, Andy Kelly, Brian Knight, Brad McGahee and many more.  Each session is one hour in length with a 45 minute presentation and 15 minutes of live Q&A.  Local PASS Chapters from around the world will be hosting each hourly segment. If you live in middle Tennessee, northern Alabama, or southern central Kentucky, be sure to check out our great … [Read more...]

More About Successful Directors versus Successful Technologists

If you're a SQL Server professional who hasn't been to the website of the Professional Association for SQL Server, you're doing yourself a disservice.  Membership is free and, in addition to all of the technical resources that it provides, it connects you to a world of networking opportunities with other like-minded professionals.  I strongly encourage you to register and then go the second step of creating a PASSport profile. Once you're registered, you can get access to many resources such as live and recorded webcasts, SIG events, and much more.  Not to toot my own horn too much, but … [Read more...]