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Mighty Kid Katie Conquers the World!

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This day in history is taken from a newspaper report delivered in July 2001.Brushy-headed Baby Steals Hearts, Drools a LotReporting from Nashville, TN - July 26, 2001This adorable little baby might look like she's content to merely chew on Biter Biscuits and laze around the house all day, but you'd be mistaken. While Biter Biscuits are definitely on the menu for this rambunctious tot, so are the fingers of her brother, sisters, and parents."No, Daddy! YOU NOT EAT MY IFECWEAM!", ordered the young dictator at a recent family gathering.After being mentored by her older sister, Emmy Tay Fwine, … [Read more...]

Great Blogs from Microsoft SQL Server Teams

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You might remember my Best of the Blogs post back in February of this year.  The blog post provided a link to all of the SQL Server MVP blogs that I was aware of at the time and, through the comments, many more were added.  I'm fairly sure that you can find almost any good SQL Server MVP on that roll. However, this got me wondering if there was anything similar on the Microsoft side of the community.  Most of us, by now, know about the fantastic resources available from the SQLCAT team.  And if you care at all about SQL Server, then you're probably also reading the SQL Server PSS Escalation … [Read more...]

Updates to Ola Hallengren’s Database Maintenance Scripts

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I've noted some new features in Ola Hallengren's very fine database maintenance scripts on my Tool Time blog at SQL Server Magazine on-line.  Read all about it at Cheers, -Kev Twitter @ kekline … [Read more...]

Come to the Best Practices Conference!

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I hope, by now, you've seen and heard about the upcoming Best Practices Conference in Washington, DC from August 24-26. I'm presenting a couple sessions there as are many of my favorite speakers in the SQL Server and Sharepoint world. That is why I wanted to let you know about the Free Seat Giveaway that the Best Practices Conference is doing.  All you have to do it get a bunch of friends to sign up for the conference eNewsletter and put your name down as the referral source.  The top ten referrals will receive a free conference pass for the conference as a thank you. Here is what the … [Read more...]

New Post on My SQL Server Magazine Blog

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Just put up a new post detailing a new block discovery and alerting script from Yaniv Etrogi.  Read my SQLMag blog describing free tools and scripts for SQL Server at: Enjoy! -Kev Twitter @ kekline … [Read more...]

Sweet Sixteen

What a Beautiful Baby Girl!All those years ago, I knew that Emily would grow up to be something special. Smart and observant, she didn't talk much as a baby, preferring instead to let her brother speak for her.She broke hearts everywhere she went - including mine. Maybe it's a dad thing, but the moment she was born, I blurted "Now I've got to worry about her dating!" But I have to say, having a daddy's girl is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.I love you, Emily! Happy sweet sixteen! You've matured so much and filled my heart with pride over the huge strides you've made.You … [Read more...]

Vancouver, BC

Rachel and I recently had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia where I was speaking at the DevTeach Conference. DevTeach is one of my favorite conferences to speak at and has brought me to Canada many times, though never to the west coast of country. Rachel, on the other hand, hasn't travelled much at all. In fact, this was her third trip by plane and her second out of the country. That passport has really come in handy! In a way though, it's a dream come true for me to be able to take a business trip to a far-away place and to take my lover with me.Things in Vancouver … [Read more...]